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Safety should not have a price.

Take our 1 hour online health and safety course for free today!

We have developed this 45min online induction program for your IT and facilities staff, maintenance contractors, customers or anyone that comes into contact with your data center environment. The intent behind this course is to help eradicate human error through education whilst making mission critical facilities a safer place to work.

  • Explain the role of a data center and how it relates to the corporate enterprise mission critical culture.

  • Describe the concept of critical awareness and its importance to the mission critical industry, the client’s needs and the corporate bottom line.

  • Identify how to assess and communicate risk and take preventative action.

  • Recognise conditions that are hazardous to a mission critical data center.

  • Identify the different types of mission critical equipment and its importance to the data center.

  • Outline the key standard operating procedures, alarm response and emergency action procedures and their role in reducing human error.

1 Hour






It's not just useful for beginners. I've been in the industry 10 years and this course reminded me again about all the key processes of the data center. Thanks DCPRO for sharing this course!


Alex Nagornyy

Data Center Service Support Engineer

Kaspi Bank


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